Three-day Tour of Marguareis

June 21-23, 2024

Piedmont Maritime Alps

Tour around the Marguareis Massif, discovering vertical walls, gentle slopes, and lunar landscapes shaped by karst phenomena.

The trek will lead us to explore a still wild mountain through forests, meadows, and pastures. We will immerse ourselves in the biodiversity of this park, which hosts both Mediterranean and alpine vegetation, and a fauna composed of roe deer, deer, chamois, marmots, and eagles.

Our tour around the Massif includes the ascent to the summit of Marguareis (2651 meters), from where we can embrace with a glance the huge limestone bastion crossed by steep gullies to the north; while to the south, the slope descends more gently with karstic and dolomitic profiles.

The Marguareis Natural Park reserves several surprises, as it hosts almost a quarter of the entire Italian flora: we will encounter meadows covered with rhododendrons and various endemisms typical of the Maritime and Ligurian Alps.

The entire park is characterized by karstic phenomena which, together with glacial phenomena, have deeply marked the landscape structure with sinkholes, galleries, wells, and glacial valleys; it will seem like landing on another planet.

In the evening, away from the light pollution of our cities, awaits us the spectacle of the sky and its stars.

The 3-day trek, with a circular route from Pian delle Gorre, includes overnight stays and dinner in a refuge (to be settled directly at the refuge).

Minimum 6 participants.

Elevation gainDay 1: Pian delle Gorre, Garelli Refuge – about 900 meters; 5 kilometers.
Day 2: Garelli Refuge, Punta Marguareis, Don Barbera Refuge – about 750 meters; 9 kilometers.
Day 3: Don Barbera Refuge, Passo del Duca, Pian delle Gorre – about 200 meters, 10 kilometers.
Technical difficultyE/EE
LunchPacked lunch not included

Price310 euro


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