Full Immersion

More than just Hiking

Our keyword is KNOWLEDGE, of ourselves, the sky, the marine environment and snowy hills.

Our excursions are paired with specific nature immersion experiences:

Fit&Taste combines trekking with enogastronomic experiences;
Walk&Heal merges yoga with hiking to reconnect internally with the surrounding nature;
the Magic of the Sky will introduce us to the sky accompanying our excursions: we’ll discover how much the stars and planets can tell us about our lives and guide us on our journey;
Mountains&Sea, apart from trekking, offers a different perspective on the area by combining kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding (SUP), snorkeling in discovering the coastal marine environment;
Pure White, to approach the alpine landscape in its snowy winter attire.”



“The secret of living well and longer is: eat half, walk double, laugh triple and love without measure.” (Chinese proverb)
We love walking and believe it’s a great opportunity to discover new places, people, and local traditions. That’s why we offer not only the hike but also the pleasure of savoring local traditional products. It would be a shame to go to Valtellina and not eat “pizzoccheri” or visit Liguria without trying the different types of “focaccia” and learning the secrets of “pesto”. Would you like to combine the excursion with a luxury experience? From an aperitif at the summit or aboard a traditional Ligurian fishing boat in the middle of the sea, from a typical dinner to a spa with a massage: tell us your desires, and we will tailor the experience for you.”



“Walking is a poetic activity that can heal the world from its ills.” Bruce Chatwin

Mountain trekking helps us improve our lives and find a balance often challenged by daily life.
Our proposals include hikes and yoga classes aimed at enhancing the beneficial effects of trekking.
Regular walking enhances the immune system, the flexibility of muscles and bones, and the cardiovascular system.
But these aren’t the benefits we refer to!
In our hikes, we propose a path to enhance personal time, also through exercises involving breathing techniques and relaxation methods.
Like magnets, we’ll strive to best harness the energy of the places we visit.


of the Sky

“A sky without stars invites me to think. A starry one invites me to ascend” Guido Rojetti

Many of us live in places where the celestial vault is no longer visible due to the intensity of artificial light.

With us, you can experience the night in a hut or in a tent and discover the wonders of the sky guided by an expert who will reveal unexpected secrets.


& Mare

“In front of the sea, happiness is a simple idea.” Jean-Claude Izzo

The attraction to both the Sea and the Mountains often accompanies those drawn to the power of Nature.
Many of our proposals combine the exploration of mountain promontories and bays that overlook the coastal strip, where the scents of the Mediterranean scrub meet the saltiness of the sea.
In these treks, we combine hiking with marine activities such as canoeing, SUP (Stand up paddleboarding), snorkeling; this way, we can enjoy a different perspective of the places visited and observe marine life, always accompanied by qualified personnel.



“Snow is a blank sheet on which everything can still be written.” Sonia Marcassa
Even the most familiar places, when blanketed in snow, represent new territories to explore; adults feel like children again. The sound of snow underfoot, the silence of nature hidden beneath this protective cover, irresistibly draw us in, and that’s when we pull out our snowshoes from our closets and, with great respect, set out to leave our tracks.
Bianco Assoluto Mondidamare


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