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The Mountain
as a Master of Life

For corporates, we organize training activities that start with practical experiences in the field and develop themes such as communication, coaching, team building, within natural contexts. Here, group dynamics can be reviewed and reconsidered through the lived experience in the mountains.

Our proposals for companies focus on coaching, change management, teamwork, and leadership development.
Our excursions typically include field activities followed by a phase of reflection and processing of the experience, aimed at consolidating the emerged themes.
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Building a Winning Team

The relationship between humans and the natural environment, particularly with the mountains, provides us with an opportunity to reflect on the main challenges individuals face within organizations and in their daily effort to find a balance between personal and professional life.

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What We Do

Don't Lose Your Compass

Participants engage in an orienteering exercise. They will be prompted to use their planning, observation, adaptation, and change management skills.

Renewable Energies

A 2-day or more trek exploring themes related to time perception and management, that often are the cause of stress and the inability to strike a balance between professional and personal life.
This module incorporates walking techniques, breathing exercises, yoga, and meditation, aiming to reflect on the inseparable connection between body and mind and their mutual capacity to support each other.

Prejudice: An Invisible Enemy

Between smart working and video conferences, we certainly haven’t contributed to fight this invisible enemy that, for millennia, has also helped us defend ourselves.
Through the experience of spending a night in a bivouac, we propose a reflection on the issues of knowledge, distrust, and prejudice that have taken root in virtual work environments where we don’t know our colleagues, and we’ve become accustomed to self-reference.

Team Building

A day with an Alpine Guide to learn roped progression or to undertake a ski mountaineering excursion becomes a tool for reflecting on team responsibilities, leadership styles, and team consolidation. Learning firsthand in the field, the team grasps the values of trust and collaboration.


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