Hiking, Trekking
and Cammini

Our journey begins by the sea and ascends to the high mountains, encompassing both external landscapes and inner exploration. It may involve us for a couple of hours or span across multiple days, evolving into a lifestyle, much like it has been for us.
Our excursions combine the hiking with other experiences, which can be scheduled on a calendar or tailored specifically.
Often, we suggest combining the hike with other activities that we love and that, for us, are an integral part of connecting with nature. These experiences include yoga, kayaking, snorkeling, stargazing, orienteering.

Daily Excursions

On the calendar, you will consistently find daily hikes, primarily organized in the Lombard and Prealpine Alps, Liguria, and Piedmont regions.

Each hike has a brief description and provides some information allowing participants to assess their level of preparation based on duration, elevation gain, and the difficulty of the route.

Starting gradually allows for enjoyment and full appreciation of the beauty of the places we visit.

Let's Take
2 Days

During the weekend, we propose two-day treks to better explore an area and fully enjoy contact with nature, including staying overnight in a refuge and engaging in in-depth activities related to specific topics of interest.

The full immersion in nature leads us to be part of enchanted places, especially when others return to the valley.

We’ll witness fantastic sunrises and sunsets. We’ll have the opportunity to get to know each other and the time to share mountain stories over a drink, an ancient tradition in these places.
We’ll venture out to observe the stars as we’ve never seen them before.

Il Cammino

It’s a multi-day journey that often follows a historic and spiritual trail, a crossing, a voyage through the time and traditions of special places.

The habit of walking, time marked by natural rhythms, crossing a territory in multiple stages; these are experiences worth living because they take us to a new dimension of travel, even within ourselves, our roots, and the history of our ancestors.

il cammino Montidamare

The Mountain
of Dreams

The Mountain of Dreams offers trekking through the most fascinating mountains in Europe and around the world.

Have you ever dreamt of observing the highest mountains on Earth in the Himalayas?
The wind on the perpetually snow-capped peaks creates an immaculate plume that continuously rises into the blue sky.

Would you like to enjoy the spectacle of the Northern Lights from the top of a mountain overlooking the sea in Norway?
These are the types of experiences that we love.

as a Master of Life

For companies, we organize training activities that start from experiences in natural environment, then develop themes of communication, coaching, and team building in contexts where group dynamics can be reinterpreted within the Mountain life setting.

We are immune to the trends of “positive thinking.” We have field-tested, both in companies and in the mountains, that humans need to find inner balance to perform at their best under stressful conditions.
We don’t formulate unfailing theories but rather provide reflections and practical experiences.

Bianco Assoluto Mondidamare


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