Itineraries on trails or non-problematic open spaces require walking training in addition to suitable footwear and equipment.

These routes often traverse terrains of various kinds or clear signs of passage in diverse terrain (meadows, debris, rocky areas), usually marked. There might be short flat or gently sloping sections with residual snow where, in the event of a fall, sliding is halted quickly and without danger. Sometimes, these routes unfold in open terrain without trails but are not problematic, always with appropriate markings. They can traverse steep slopes where exposed sections are generally protected or secured (with cables). They might have individual passages or short sections on rock, not exposed, not tiring, or demanding, thanks to the presence of equipment (steps, pegs, cables) that, however, do not require the use of specific gear (harnesses, carabiners, etc.).

Difficoltà E

Expert Hikers

These are generally marked itineraries that require the ability to navigate specific terrains.
Trails or tracks on difficult and treacherous terrain (steep and/or slippery slopes of grass, or mixed rock and grass, or rock and debris). Varied terrain at relatively high altitudes (rocky areas, short non-steep snowfields, open slopes without landmarks, etc.). Rocky sections with slight technical difficulties (equipped paths, via ferratas among those with lower commitment). However, routes across glaciers, even if flat and seemingly without crevasses, are excluded because crossing them would require the use of a rope and ice axe, as well as knowledge of the related safety maneuvers. Necessary requirements: experience in the mountains in general and a good knowledge of the alpine environment; steady pace and absence of vertigo; suitable equipment, gear, and physical preparation. For equipped paths, it’s also necessary to know how to use self-securing devices (carabiners, shock absorbers, harnesses, cords).
Difficoltà EE

Experienced Hikers, with Equipment

This acronym is used for certain equipped paths or via ferratas, to alert hikers that the itinerary requires the use of self-securing devices.
Difficoltà EEE


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